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AMPStore A Fun and Exciting Global Business! Generate Passive Income!

AMPStore: Disruptive Technology Same like Playstore & Appstore however we will be able to generate Passive Income.

The only thing standing in the way of your own success is YOU and YOUR THINKING! In some arenas, we call it ‘stinking thinking’!  It’s time to claim your place in society because we ALL have the capacity to be our own boss!  Network Marketing is a multi-billion dollar a year industry! That’s nothing to sneeze at and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are involved in NM or MLM.

This industry has afforded millions of people the opportunity to claim their place in society as ‘home-based business owners’ and earn a substantial income that supports them and their families on an income that they’ve worked diligently to earn. It has helped millions more to become multi-millionaires! Network Marketing is a 180 BILLION dollar a year industry and if you’re part of this industry, be PROUD! Stand TALL!

You’re earning an honest living to support yourself and your family! When otherwise intelligent, educated people think network marketing is insane or illogical, it really never ceases to amaze me. What’s worse is when they say: “Is this a pyramid scheme?” First of all, pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL, so NO, it isn’t a pyramid scheme. It just goes to show me that people aren’t into researching the FACTS anymore. They simply parrot what they hear or see that is negative about various subjects. 

Interesting FACTS: 
In order to open a physical location for any of these Top Franchises, you need some heavy duty CASH on hand:   Jimmy Johns: $326K-$555K   Hampton Hotel: $4.2M-$14.9M  Super Cuts: $144K-$294K   Anytime Fitness: $80K-$490K  Subway: $117K-$263KRight? That’s a LOT of CASH! Feel free to research other franchises like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, etc.

You need to have CASH ON HAND or take a significant business loan to open any one of them! And think about this: How far is someone willing to drive for a sandwich? How many competing  gyms are already in your town? How many haircuts do you need to complete for $150K? How many pastries or cups of coffee do you need sell to even begin justifying that initial investment?

Here’s an interesting FACT: 
The overhead costs of a "tee shirt vendor" who rents a place in Times Square is $60,000! Wow!  Opening a traditional business in 2016 is not only costly, it’s downright ludicrous! Not only will you have to invest your FULL attention to a new business ~ in other words be there 24/7 to get the business up off the ground ~ you’re going to be taking time away from your family, friends and others.You probably won’t have the extra cash initially to hire a crew of employees to run your business, you’ll be wearing several ‘hats’ to run the business yourself. The overhead for your physical establishment will be astronomical: Rent or mortgage, electricity, machinery & other tools, licenses, taxes, inventory, repairs, plumbing, etc.

You name it!  In the network marketing industry,  there may be an initial cost to you of $99.00, $150.00 or even $500.00 or more. But it’s BY FAR significantly LESS than what you will pay initially to start a physical business. AND you gain access to actual winners in the industry~people who have made millions of dollars with their own hard work, diligence and knowledge. That’s awesome if you’re a person who loves being at home and making top dollar for what you’re doing!  Those same people have the willingness, time and freedom to share with you their knowledge and expertise in this business to help you be successful doing the exact thing that has helped them!.

You will have zero rent/mortgage for your physical place of business, no employees, no equipment or machinery costs, no major overhead costs in your own home-based businesses. PLUS you’ll have tax write-offs that will help you in when filing taxes every year! I don’t know about you, but for ME that is peace of mind! 

A few things to consider: 
It's 2017! In this era, we can: 
Contact 60 people in 60 different countries within 60 seconds with our iPhones, Androids or computers Send out emails, announcements and/or notices en masse for nominal or ZERO fees! Create webinars, classes and information online in minutes! Market freely on the Internet via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc.
Create a website with products such as Wix or GoDaddy for FREE or for nominal fees.
Create marketable videos, photostreams and other marketing tools in an instant and put them up on sites like YouTube or Instagram for FREE! We have more than enough ways to market our businesses!. The next time someone tells you that it’s a ‘scam’, it’s ‘ridiculous’ or it’s ‘impossible’ you need to PROVE THEM WRONG! Show them! We’re gonna AMP up our income in 2017! You can join the team or you can remain where you are! It’s up to YOU!

AMPStore: Disruptive Technology 
Same like Playstore & Appstore however we will be able to generate Passive Income.
#The "Netflix" of Mobile Apps and Games.
#The Future of Social Gaming!
#The Power of Freedom!

Apple app store made $240 million on January 1, 2017. Google play takes in over $75million a day from apps and games. I'm no software genius. I'm no mobile app developer but I am getting paid every Friday from mobile apps and games!
We are in an era where people can not only make money, but GREAT money working from their smart phones

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