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McHenry pushing crowdfunding as alternative to banks

ASHEVILLE – When U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry was growing up in Gastonia in the late 1970s, his father and a friend who lived down the street decided to start a lawn service in addition to their day jobs.

They managed to buy a 48-inch Toro riding lawn mower but needed a truck to transport it, McHenry told the Council of Independent Business Owners here last month. So McHenry's father got what was then called a Master Charge card (now MasterCard), "the great innovation of its day ... and bought a truck and he was in business."

"That business didn't change the world. It wasn't Google. It wasn't Facebook," McHenry said. "But it changed my life and gave my brothers and sisters an economic opportunity we wouldn't otherwise have. It put all five of us through college."

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