In Beta

Zcash is the future of secret financial transactions. Here is how it works #Zcash $Zcash

I figure that you will want to understand a little about Zcash. 

After several months and for some even years of waiting Zcash is now live. There are much better explanations about it than I can provide but I will make a few points.

  1. The team behind Zcash is incredible and they now have a lot of financial backing.Dozens of super clever and motivated people.
  2. Governments will try to shut down Zcash and Italy already is. However they have no chance. 
  3. Zcash transactions can be practically secret if you choose them to be. 
  4. I am mining Zcash with Bitclub abd in some other places and am super excited! I will update with mining results soon. 
  5. Zcash fluctuated in price wildly on the first day as there is practically no supply. It has to be mined and is designed to grow slowly. 

So there you go! 

ZCash is now trading at around about $15,000 but it actually reached the crazy heights of $2.4 million for a few minutes on its first day! 

I will update about this phenomenon soon.