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The Crowdify Compensation Plan

Some of you are taking the chance of this so thank you very much. It is not at all necessary to get involved in recruiting people to make money with Crowdify. There are many other ways. Selling products and services, selling your ebook or your course or your photos or by running events. Do not worry if MLM is not your thing. 

MLM takes a bit of getting started but once it does it can grow extremely quickly. We are now coding our new compensation plan into the site and you can see yourself in our tree by clicking here twitter handle).

We will be offering daily education in our teaching area and of course will always be available to answer any questions you have. We spent around 4 months in mid 2016 and were lulled into paying over $15,000 trying to install an MLM software system which was never close to compatible with our website and our systems. This was a huge mistake and a big learning curve. What we have built is not yet grand and beautiful but it is functional and will improve quickly.

The Crowdify Compensation Plan

This is an initial draft and may be subject to change after input from the community.

The general goal of this plan is to reward brand partners for finding new members for Crowdify and then for them to benefit from their activity both on and off the site. Crowdify has several different economies and business opportunities so far and we will continue to add new ways for you and the people you introduce to benefit. The ultimate goal is for you to meet like minded people with a passion for similar things to you in cities all over the world. On the way to there you will benefit from being part of a large crowd of people.

We are determined to reward most those who show faith and trust in Crowdify at an early stage and those who promote and use Crowdify in an effective and ethical manner.

Initially we will pay out commissions to all Brand Partners on a monthly basis starting Feb 1. After more programming we will be able to pay Brand Partners on a weekly basis. Payment will be made in Bitcoin to the Bitcoin wallet that you allocate to your account. All payments will be a month late to allow for calculations of money back guarantees. For example if somebody joins your tree on January 3 you will be paid for that sign up on March 1.

Monthly subscription payments will have to be made to your accounts at least once every calendar month. To qualify to be paid you need to have a current up to date monthly subscription. You will also have to have sponsored at least 2 people one on your left and one on your right who have a current up to date subscription.

Crowdify has 5 membership levels ~ Hiker (Free), Cyclist, Driver, Pilot and Astronaut. The benefits of membership at each of these levels can be found at

There are 5 major types of bonus.


You will be paid a one off 10% commission on everybody who joins Crowdify at your level or below under your sponsor link. If say for example somebody joins as a Driver and you are also a Driver then you will be paid $1.90. If they join as a Pilot you will also receive $1.90. If somebody joins as a Cyclist you will be paid 90 cents.


You will be paid 2% of all the revenue generating activity from everybody you sponsor.


You will be paid a one off bonus every time are certain number of people who are below you in your tree starts a monthly subscription. This will be in the form of dollars and the amount will show in your named box in the money tree. For every Cyclist who starts a $9 monthly subscription under you, whether you sponsored them or not you will receive $1. For every Driver who pays a $19 subscription in your tree whether you sponsored them or not you will receive $3. You will only get points credited for a Driver below you if you are at driver level yourself. To activate your first binary tree Bonus you will need to reach the level of $50 on both of your two legs. For the second you will need to reach the level of $100 on both of your two legs etc.

This bonus will pay you $50 every time you activate it. There is a maximum of 10 times a day you can do this.


The Team Activity Bonus will be calculated from the level of “activity” from people in your tree.The Team Activity Bonus will not take into account whether you have sponsored people or not. For example if somebody is your downline sponsors someone who creates an event that people pay to attend via the Crowdify Events Area then you will be paid. Ditto if for example that person makes a sale of the Crowdify Online Marketing Course or a Crowdify members ebook etc. There are many ways in our site to earn and you will be rewarded something every time people below you get paid. The Team Activity bonus will be paid out every month and will depend on total volume from the whole of the Crowdify community.The initial 3 months will have to be monitored but basically we will pay out an amount up to 45% in total by including this in the 5%. It should be around 5-10%.


All Pilots will be paid an extra 1% on all the activity of other Pilots in their personal money tree. All Astronauts will be paid an extra 3% on all the activity of all Astronauts and Pilots below them in their personal binary tree.


Our compensation plan is not designed to reward those who simply open an account and invite a few people and then rush off to the next opportunity. You will have to log into your Crowdify account at least once during the previous month AND make your monthly payment to qualify for a payment.

There will be a growing Compensation Plan FAQ developed.

Thank you for being patient as we iron out an ultimate plan that is both fair and generous to everybody involved. We look forward to any questions that you may have about the plan on this thread in our main Facebook group.

MLM is about daily action and educating, helping and motivating people and being patient.

To Your Online Success