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Bitcoin $1000 has energized the Industry

It's funny how a simple number can create so much excitement. But with Bitcoin overcoming a multi year high everyone is pumped, and new businesses are rising faster then just last week. You can feel the energy, and even our group is no different. We have been able to create more excitement in our Bitcoin mining business, and this is spreading into other opportunities. 

ExploreTraveler is a travel marketing company helping to teach others to be able to earn passive income while traveling, and the option are growing. From Bitclub to others these opportunities are growing, and for now the key is the limit. 

We continue to curate old radio travel podcasts, and our own show when time allows. Our website has been updated, and the speed of loading cut by 50%. Soon we will be modifying the main page but will have the blog available for everyone just a click away.

We will be showing other travel bloggers how to operate a mobile business that allows you to enjoy your travels, and too reinvest those profits into other opportunities. Multiple ways that allow you to do what you love, and to keep moving forward.

You can enjoy our site at

Happy Travels,