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Our First Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Apple was founded today 40 years ago. A founding member Ron Wayne refused equity and took $800 instead. Ouch. The ultimate goal of Crowdify is to equity crowdfund startup companies that we select. As a community.
We are excited to announce that we are getting started with this today.
Our first offering is YouSearch. For a small investment you can be part of making the internet available in a safe way to children and make good money by doing so. This is not a "public offering" you need to be a paying member of Crowdify to apply to invest. This is $9 a month. The main reason for this is to evade any possible accusations of illegal public solicitation of funds by the enforcement agencies of some countries.
Here are the details of the offer.
YouSearch is a 4 year old family friendly search engine business recently resurrected after incredible initial success. Clever filters have been applied to screen out all references to violence, drugs, pornography and more. The aim is to make it safe for any children to use. The site now has full approval from Google and traffic is growing extremely quickly and will soon return to the previous levels of 40,000 views a day. This was simply to much for his servers to handle and the site had to be shut down. It is now back online with improved functionality.

Your new search engine is at
YouSearch is an incorporated LLC and has been granted trademark approval.
Here is an example of recent growth.
We are only taking 100 investments of $100 and you will get
1. Part ownership of You Search and a share certificate in your name.
2. A growing dividend at the end of each quarter based on business profits.
3. A share of any further funds that YouSearch ever raises.
4. 3 months of Ad space on to approved family friendly business. You will need to send a banner 250 x 500 and for mobile 320x 100 and a link to your website and it will be placed on rotation. Obviously the earlier you do this the more exposure you will get.
So if you are not yet a Crowdify Premium member please send $9 to along with your name and Twitter handle at the address
Please send $100 to at the address along with your name and Twitter handle to
Why is this money necessary and how will it be used.?
1. YouSearch is in litigation to obtain the domain name and there are ongoing costs related to this.
2. Programming staff wages.
3. Server costs.
YouSearch is a legitimate business and has massive growth potential. The $10,000 raised from this offering will help greatly in bringing family friendly search to tens of thousands of families worldwide. Founder Nathan Senn (pictured below) is a hard working, socially conscious entrepreneur and father with a massive vision for this business. He has won a nationwide award for his programming and web design skills. Well over 1000 hours have been spent building the search engine and as of now there are less than 10 other investors who hold a small percentage of equity.
From small beginnings big things grow and with your investment YouSearch will be able to advance in popularity to the point of being able to attract significant Venture Capital funding in the near future. Let`s make this happen!
Please feel free to ask any questions below.
Michael and the team at Crowdify