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Eat fiber first and fill yourself up ~ Day 3 of 105 Health Tips from Japan ~ @DrYorikoTodd #JapanHealthTips

The 106 year old guy in the photo is Miyazaki san he is the inspiration for the title of my forthcoming book "Sprint at 105 the Japanese Way".

2016 was a great year for my husband Michael and I did a lot of great travelling around America and Europe and went to many great events and parties. 

When travelling or during the winter it is extra important though to focus on your eating and self care habits as it is very easy to get run down.

It is also very easy to over eat as you want to try new foods and you are eating a lot of rich foods. In winter we often tend to not get regular exercise and eat comfort food to compensate for being inactive and a little bored.

So today`s tip relates to yesterday`s about eating fiber first but it gives an extra reason. Fill yourself up before the weight adding food comes out.

I hope that you are enjoying these tips will be back with another tomorrow.

Thank you and stay healthy