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Our Bitcoin generating business ideas and what is working

Update Jan 2017 : Travel Funding with Bitcoin series will continue, and we have been running Bitclub Network so almost a year now. This investment has continued to reap small rewards every all year long. Our first share has already broke even and continues to generate returns every day.

These returns have now funded our setup into the new Crypto-coin STEEM and we got in around .09 cents. This has risen to .15 and we keep it in our Steemit account under @exploreTraveler where we write and generate even more STEEM. This combination has worked well in 2016 and will do even better in 2017.

The newest and within uncharted territory is Trade Coin Club and we are testing this now. This is similar to ROBO trading the stock markets within a day trading setup. The main difference is that they only trade the top ten crypto currencies for that day. This type of trading always works best with high volatility, and the current wild west with crypto currency markets fulfills that need. If you are interested you can click Here-> and test it out for yourself. We like this concept, and it allows us to move profits from other Bitcoin generating businesses into a trading system that helps build on the current momentum. In this fashion we are not dependent on the price rising since we generate new Bitcoin daily.

Just a quick note since I have recently discovered where I can buy and store gift cards on my phone. They happen to have American Airlines and Delta Airlines on there so gift cards can be purchased with bitcoin and used for travel. This is a very important resource. From Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart everything is there. Article telling you about these services can be found here.

Here is a podcast where we explain some of the ways you can use this bitcoin to travel.

Currently we are testing a new ROBO investment platform that trades the top ten crypto coins each day generating weekly returns and runs automatically. This will enable us to continue building bitcoin for travel around the world. With the price of bitcoin averaging higher year over year it has looking even better over time.