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CoWorking all over the world

Coworking is on the rise. Some people even say that coworking spaces are the new garages where Google or Microsoft could be built nowadays. I was introduced to this world by some dear freelancer friends traveling the world as digital nomads. Me, at the time, I'd only been working in corporate environment and I was living in Japan, where corporate life is everything.

With coworking, my friends showed me a new way of growing businesses, generate ideas, meeting fantastic people and building meaningful relationships while making every minute count. Solving a problem becomes so much easier when you can just ask around you for design, business, marketing, tech or managing expertise of your coworkers. And I can't describe the joy to contribute to somebody else project, just because they need feedback on something. 

It is all about sharing! 

After this experience, I've decided to build CoWorking.Coffee, to introduce more people to coworking and make coworking spaces thrive around the world. If you haven't tried coworking yet, please find a coworking space soon, work there, meet people and join this strong community.