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An Entrepreneur in Transition

If this is your first visit, welcome to Crowdify! 

I'm Susan Critelli. I hope your visit to my Crowdify profile will be the start of a lasting online relationship. I have a number of online friends dating back almost 20 years. Perhaps you will be one of them!

My corporate experience lasted more than a decade, and included marketing investment services to corporate, municipal and state government, and non-profit pension and profit sharing plans. My clients included Pepsico, Monsanto, Chase, Getty Oil, the States of New Hampshire and Alaska, the Cities of Wichita and Los Angeles and the Presbyterian Church (USA).In 1984, I committed my life to Jesus Christ, and left Wall Street the following year to get married and have a family.

It is amazing that my financial career and the extraordinary events that led to my giving it up could be condensed into a line item. Ask me sometime, it's a great story. But anyway, my interest in the financial markets made transitioning to learning about cryptocurrencies a no brainer. Part of what I have really enjoyed about Crowdify is the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin. When I get a chance I will write a little something about what I have learned.

I juggled home business and homeschooling from 1997 to 2010. I blogged regularly about "Mixing Home Business and Home Schooling" for about 6 years, and sporadically after that. Some of my blog posts here have been retreads from that blog. It is hard to remember what life was like in that distant galaxy before homeschooling, and now that my 20 year homeschool adventure is over, I am enjoying the next chapter of my life. But that experience caused me to be passionate about educational freedom, parental rights, freedom of speech and association, the tyranny of political correctness, and freedom in general. So in spite of the controversial nature of some of those topics, I can't help but write about them.

I participated in a six month social media mentoring and certification course taught by Mari Smith and became a Certified Social Media Specialist in the fall of 2009, one of the first 50 in the world! With more than 15 years experience in direct sales and internet marketing, and social media certification under my belt, I build custom websites and manage blogs and social media accounts for small businesses - particularly, "second act" entrepreneurs like myself - people who have reached, ahem, a certain age and reinvented themselves. Maybe they want to write a book, or start a business, or some other creative venture. They all need a website, and in this day and age, social media as well.

You can see more about that at my website.  I can't say I am as passionate about that as the other things. I was once, but the industry changes so fast, and honestly, it is practically a full time endeavor just to stay abreast of social media developments, never mind implement those developments with my clients. My husband is retiring this year and I would like to not have to work so hard. That is why I am "in transition."

One of the things I am transitioning to is - wait for it - toy sales, primarily on Amazon. Back in the '90s I sold Pokemon merchandise on eBay, and this is kind of like the next step in that process. Not even sure what it is I love about retail, but I really do. So I will probably be shamelessly promoting some product or other here from time to time. I will definitely be reporting on the amazing NY Toy Fair taking place in February. You can check out my offerings here. I hope to have my own website soon.

Guess that's about it. I love connecting people, and I have been online forever and know a lot of people I can connect you with. Let me know what you want to do - I've probably "got a guy" who can help!