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CDFY or Crowdify Coin Now On Crowdify Club!

If I buy Crowdify Coin can I sell it?  Where will I use Bitcoin or Crowdify Coin?

Times they are a change'ing keeping up is not always easy, my friendly piece of advice is to definitely learn more about digital money, it is going to affect our lives very soon.

Learning what you will be able to do here in Crowdify will help you to take bigger steps into the digital currency world and the up side is you will be able to transact your business a lot easier right here in this site right now!

An infographic of what you should be able to achieve using either Bitcoin or CDFY digital money products is to put your mind at ease.

Living in South Africa I know from my eight years online just how difficult it can be in some parts of the world to get your business financing right. The price of moving currency over borders is costing everyone dearly and this is a means to an end of that problem. 

Where to buy more Crowdify Coins - CDFY with either a Card transaction or Bitcoin, today the pre-sale price is US$0.20