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Cryptocurrency is Baffling Me

Most of you are streets ahead of me when it comes to crypto. I am keen to get involved, but am risk averse and due to work and health, haven't had the time or energy to fully comprehend the mechanics. I am bright, but have a need to understand the how, I know all about the why.

I sent Michael a little money to dip my toes in and trust him and Yoriko implicitly and am also thoroughly convinced of the validity of the concept and want to get more involved, but I don't have cash to risk after spending a year ( and my entire superannuation scheme) in a startup with the wrong people, which took me away from developing my consultancy business. Now I have a great job as a civil servant. We don't get paid the same as in private enterprise, but I feel I am helping to make the world a better place with the work I am doing there.

I have a Bitcoin wallet, but can't remember how I got it and don't know how to use it.

I have a relative who is hot on and building a network with OneCoin and everyone I have spoken to is advising me to steer away, saying it is a Ponzi Scheme. She tells me it is only people who are afraid of the concept, such as countries who are missing out or afraid of missing out on taxes and banks who make obscene profits wanting to hang on to the current systems because the new ones threaten their viability unless they hop on board. She wants to help me because she knows I have cancer and have spent a lot of money covering the difference the insurance doesn't pay for 4 specialists and treatments and I feel bad saying no because of the bad press.

Now we have Superior Coin and I want to support that, but don't understand the technical elements, particularly the security protocols which seem to be the key to making sure our 'money' doesn't get hacked (which is what appear to make Bitcoin and Ethereum so popular), so I'm concerned about more financial risk.

I'm no Luddite, I just don't have time to learn everything I need to know and that was one of the things that attracted me to what is now Crowdify because Michael and Yoriko have attracted an amazing group of specialists. I also understand that in order to get the maximum benefit of a new technology, you need to get in early (which is of course the same thing they say about pyramid schemes.

I'm a futurist and have spent my life promoting concepts 10 years in the future, i.e. lots of things I promoted and helped develop 10 or more years ago are now coming to fruition, you can see some of that on my LinkedIn profile. Like many of you I have a specialty and for me it is location based services and mobile, it's certainly not about financial systems, even though I understand them in principle.

I'm sure I am not alone and I am also sure that there are many people that could be joining us who are in the same boat. They and I, don't want to hear questions like "Where do you want to be in five years?", or "How are you planning for your retirement, travel, lifestyle and will you achieve your goals if you keep doing what you are doing?" We all know the answer is that we have to do something different.

The problem for me is fundamentally I want to understand, I don't want to go on blind faith, but it's all very complicated. If I'm going to encourage more people to get involved and help this thing grow, I need to understand more and I don't want to plague Michael with questions when he is o such a roll, leading from the front.

So, is there anyone that can hold my hand and those that I would like to introduce to the Crowdify world? Is there a simple paint by numbers place to start?