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Get the SUPERIOR coin (SUPER) first here #ICO #SuperiorCoin #CryptoPreSale

Our SUPERIOR coin pre sale or initial coin offering (ICO) is live and we will make regular sales to you our members over the next 100 days. Our mining and distribution process and security have been fully tested we are ready to offer you the chance to be first.

What is an ICO? It is a process where the price of purchase only rises. Sometimes very quickly. You will get twice as many coins when it is at 2 cents as when it is at 4 cents a coin. Get some now. These could go fast. Message me

It is extremely rare for a new coin to be backed as SUPERIOR is, by a fast growing social media and ecommerce portal. With a highly attractive MLM binary plan and with the power of hundreds of supporting social media accounts and thousands of pages of education built up over the past 10 years. All in preparation for this moment.There is zero reason why we could not be one the most popular places to visit online by the end of this year. 

The website you see now is only a test area. This place will look completely different very soon.

Crowdify lives and breathes a stated mission to source and fund and promote ethical and world changing startups. Cleantech, Edtech, Healthtech and more.

We pay you AND we only do good.

It is a 100 day pre sale and we will accept payments from our members for around 50 million coins until then. We are not sure how exactly how many we will be able to mine as the degree of diffiiculty continually rises. We ave been selling a few already. We are completing a sales page now and wallets will be added to Crowdify very soon.

The process is that you say how much you are comfortable in investing in multiples of $300 and I will tell you a price and you will say yes or no and how many you want at that price. If yes I will add the coins to your SUPERIOR wallet on Crowdify probably within 48 hours if we have enough to send you but at least before the end of the presale. We hope to sell out and launch on about 1 June on Bittrex and Poloniex and other public exchanges at the level of the final pre sale which all going well will be at about 10 cents per coin.

With Nathan "The Coin Maker", Yoriko our CFO and John Gentry one of our shareholders in San Francisco last June. 

For those of you who do not want to purchase yet and would rather wait until we go public in June we will be gifting SUPERIOR into your wallets from time to time so that you can try it out.

We hope to have a payment processor before too long similar to Bitpay and PayBee.

So how will SUPERIOR integrate into Crowdify and other places?

I have hyperlinked where possible to the various areas that are already operating.

The price of SUPERIOR will reflect the growth and success of our community. In that respect it is like a share price. So if you want our community to flourish you should buy and sell SUPERIOR. You can be rest assured that we will never ever dump coins on the market to "take profits". We will do everything we can to retain enough capital to protect our price so that you always get the maximum value for being here early. 

We will from time to time pay you dividends when we reach targets such as paying member numbers, successful equity crowdfunding campaigns reaching targets, opening of new Crowdify cafes in our cities worldwide and much more. We will make it worth it to you to hold our coin.

Buy now here by messaging me.

So now some things that we will all love SUPERIOR for.

You will especially love that we charge no transaction fees or commissions on any money you earn or spend inside Crowdify. Sell a course or a Photograph for $20 worth of SUPERIOR and $20 worth of SUPERIOR will hit your wallet. 

We will use it to pay people who visit our search engine. 

For shopping in our forthcoming shop which will be mostly Amazon products we will pass our commission to members.

For transferring money to your favorite charities and causes on their Crowdify profiles (below their photo)

For accepting your monthly subscription payments. 

Use SUPERIOR for discounts with our merchant partners.

For tipping content producers in the site in the way that you see at the bottom of this post. Thank you in advance for your contribution! 

For purchase of tickets in our events marketplace with several unique features with Mingle App.

For payments inside Talent an area of Crowdify that we are particularly proud of.

For buying and selling real estate in our forthcoming real estate market,

For purchasing ebooks and courses from other Crowdify members in our forthcoming Knowledge Share marketplace.

For paying you when people visit your Crowdify profiles or your content here. We want this to be the first place you send people to. Because we pay you.

For tipping initially then for buying art and original photographs with Originals App.

For contributing edits and new tools to our Knowledge Base of nearly 5000 online tools and for sharing posts and lists from there

For being paid for checking into hotels and restaurants and event spaces with DropPin App

For paying you for sharing content both manually and on automatic.

For paying you just to be here with regular pop up giveaways. 

For paying you when a blog post or photograph or artwork submission is accepted.

For turning Crowdify Points into real currency that you can spend on a wide variety of things.

For you to be able to participate our equity crowdfunding campaigns. 

For you to be able to transfer money from one of you to another. We will have chat soon to make this easier.

For paying you for suggestions that we decide to implement.

For paying out your earnings from our MLM binary plan. Check out you growing team here 

SUPERIOR will be worth holding some of because we will have flash sales that can only be accessed with SUPERIOR. Really we hope that the coin will become you favorite crypto. Our whitepaper goes into great detail about the crucial differences between Bitcoin and SUPERIOR

If you have any questions please ask them here in the comments. 

Otherwise contact me or my wife Yoriko our CFO to buy as quickly as possible as in the pre sale the price will only rise

We will accept multiples of $300 for purchases. So you will messages me and say "I will possibly invest $1000 in SUPERIOR. I will say OK it is selling at .7 of a cent a coin right now please send money here and your coins will be sent to your wallet. 

The wallet addresses are twice as long as Bitcoin for added security. The blocktime is faster than Bitcoin there is no limit on block size. There is less chance of being attacked by mining machines as it will quickly adjust the difficulty rate. We have run several tests on this and are continuing to test. This will facilatate a slow but steady release of coins over a 10 year period which will enhance price stability

We are excited to be able to give this opportunity to our members first before the public offering begins on about June 1. By then we should have an extremely vibrant community exploring the uses of the coin and a much different website than the one you see today. We have some exciting talent starting in the next few days to design our site and submit code for improvements and fixes. 

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In Crypto we trust

Thank you! 

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Michael and the team at Crowdify.