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Our Startup Journey Is OVER !

Yes I am the chief financial officer and co founder of an internet startup called Crowdify. In the past few days we have come to realise that our startup journey is over and we are now using words in our meetings like “scaling” and “takeover” and are no longer interested in just any content being added to our site by our members but rather accepting high quality content only.
All these words meant nothing to me 4 years ago when my co founder and husband Michael laid out his vision to me of how we would spend the rest of our lives. I had never done anything even slightly entrepeneurial and never imagined I would. Nobody in my family had ever done anything like this. I am a PHD scientist from UT and a biologist not a tech CFO I thought ! However Michael wanted me in this role and I love my husband and will always follow his dream wherever it takes us. So far that has involved spells of over a month in Yokohama, Australia, Tokyo, California, Europe and now Portugal. We have Cyprus, Romania, Silicon Beach, more Tokyo and Bali in mind during the rest of 2017 as well. I know that several of you, enough of you actually, also feel exactly the same way. I never had any social media experience before 4 years ago and the incredible comments and compliments you give me and Michael and I every day sometimes overwhelm me. I am truly blessed.

I kept working in my day job for an average 10 hours a day at a dishonest and corrupt pharmaceutical company and was exhausted by the end of most weeks. However we went to many Startup weekends around 10 in all that began at 5 pm on a Friday and went till 10 pm for 3 days straight. The first time we went we pitched the idea of a social network that pays you to a group of 100 other Startup weekend participants in Tokyo. I am a good presenter and Michael is a professional speaker and lawyer and we presented our idea of a social network that pays you with its own currency and then gets groups of influential members in various niches to co -invest in startups to the 100 or so people at the event. Around 10 others made a pitch trying to get members to join their idea for the weekend and develop it. Not a single person voted to join us or even expressed any interest or asked a question. The whole idea seemed too big and wild to anyone I guess.
There was another event 2 months later and I said to Michael shall we try a different idea. He said he did not care of it took 10 years to make Crowdify happen he would just keep going. He actually said that in his pitch that night. We had 2 people ask about how it would work buy again nobody joined our team. I think on our 4th weekend we were able to get the required 2 extra members to make a team and develop the idea of Crowdify with them. Then next time 2-3 months later we got 4 people. I made the final pitch at that event in Japanese about our DropPin App and how it would pay our members whenever they went to a hotel or restaurant or cafe. One of the judges was scathing saying publicly to the crowd he disbelieved that anybody would ever pay $5 a month to be part of a social network like this and that it was some kind of ponzi scheme. And that digital currencies would never work and talked about Bitcoin as a scam as well.
The next time we went we developed the concept of creating our own cafes and coworking spaces around the world so our members could meet and collaborate and attend our events around the world. A guy was there as a mentor who worked at Microsoft. He said our vision was interesting and gave us $360,000 sponsorship and access to all their tools for 3 years. We were not selected as one of the top 5 at that event but when Michael made his final pitch I could sense total confidence in his speaking. I actually started crying a little to see him tell a crowd of over 100 that we would be a top 10 website in the world by 2020 with our own cafes in hundreds of cities with people using our own currency to buy food and drinks there have millions of members all being paid to visit our website every day.
I have invested around $300,000 and countless hours in the past 4 years Michael has done around 110 hours a week for 8 years and put in the same. We have been to Startup weekends in Tokyo, Yokohama, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Irvine California and literally dozen of expensive tech conferences and meetups networking and learning. Maybe that is what it takes.
We have had several simultaneous and unimaginable setbacks such as a staff member of 4 years cheating us and our landlord in the Philippines scamming us by locking us out of the building and stealing our equipment. He used his friends in the government to get Michael deported from the country and have him held in a room without food for 3 days. Total loss 2 months of work and around $75,000. We have had a 3rd party software company who we paid $12,000 to and spent 3 months of valuable programmer time and wages for our 2 best people on blatantly cheat us. We hired a guy who was only interested in grabbing as much instant money as he could and gave us pretty much zero support. The one investor he introduced us to went on a crazy social media attack also messaging all our staff and supporters saying we were over and were a scam. Despite the fact that we returned his funds with a 10% bonus on a 3 month personally guaranteed investment. We had people we had paid a lot of money to for various work attack us publicly on Facebook and tell us we were failing because of various reasons. That same time we went to San Francisco and paid $1500 to some scammers to pitch to a promised list of 150 venture capitalists of whom 3 showed up. And much more. These things all happened at exactly the same time about 7 months ago. I had my own father urging me to leave Michael and to go back to being a company slave. Michael`s attitude to all this was to laugh and remind me that barely anything worth having was hardly ever easy otherwise everybody would be doing it.
We now have intense gratitude to all of the people who have tried so hard to bring us down as actually they only succeeded in making us stronger. I guess that this always the way if you just keep going.

So now we are in daily profit and need to start exploring more ways of rewarding our earliest supporters and those of you who are next to participate. I am known in our house as the Coin Payer. Nathan our co founder and Chief Technical Officer is The Coin Maker and Michael is known as the Coin Spreader. We pay you, we make our coin better and we spread it worldwide. And then the next day we start again and do things in an increasingly savvy and powerful way. Between the 3 of us and with the backing of a wonderful group of around 50 team members and daily supporters I truly believe we are an unstoppable force.
We are now selling our coin to friends in an informal presale. Some of our early investors and supporters are seeing a 160 times return on what they gave us around 9 months ago already. Yes 160 times. There are about 10 like that. 50 or so others are showing a return of at least 10 times I think.Thank you all for your trust and faith. It means so much.
Our coin called Superior (SUPER) is fully functional with wallets and any day we will have a web wallet and an exchange and a place for the public to purchase it. It is 100% secure, extremely scaleable, linkable, fungible and fast and completely untraceable. A coin forked from exactly the same code base around 3 years ago called Monero is selling at around $25 I think and has a $180 million market capitalization. All this with no social network or economy to back it up. We already have around 100 monthly subscribers in our binary tree of around 1030 people. We are expecting this to grow extremely quickly over the next few days once we start doing webinars and mailing our list. Our members and merchants will begin using Superior coin in around 20 ways and will get Mastercard debit cards so they can use it for buying groceries etc. We have begun an experimental equity crowdfunding campaign and are ready to do more.
We are selling our coin to you right now like this. It is priced at 1.9 cents per coin right now. We are releasing around 1 million coins a day. For every $1000 invested we increase the price by 1/10th of a cent. If people invest a lot then we are prepared to negotiate on price as there is less handling time involved than for people investing smaller amounts. Very soon however maybe even tomorrow the whole process will become automated and you will purchase from our shop and almost immediately get coins in your wallets. This presale or “ICO” Initial Coin Offering will continue until June 1 and Superior coin will be publicly traded on various exchanges at whatever price we have reached by then. There will be by then around 75 million coins in circulation and we will then also have a mining pool that you can participate in if you wish to mine. We already have a small group of trusted shareholders mining for us in their homes and will grow this operation gradually in the next few weeks.
This is an extremely common and tried and trusted means of releasing a new coin to market and we have sought extensive advice from various industry experts over the past 2 years about this. What is unknown however and completely new is the exponential effect of a fast growing social network based on a network marketing model and backed with tens of thousands of pages of content and around 10 million personal profiles and a diversified economy already using the coin at the time of public release. We fully believe that Superior will launch at around 10 cents and trade at a price of at least $1 by the end of this year. This is reasonably common if you look at the price rise of such currencies and concepts as Ethereum, Monero, Club coin, Capricoin, Pascal coin, Z cash and many many others. In fact when you look at some of these our projections of price growth are extremely conservative. We are aiming fairly and squarely at slow and steady growth rather than dizzying highs and lows. Reason being we want merchants to take our coin from you. How can they be comfortable doing this and holding it if there is price volatility. We have a different strategy you see and have sufficient financial backing to be able to continue development without making a profit from our coin sales. The benefit of any price rises will all pass to you. Those of you who take action first will of course profit the most.
There are zero promises here but so far things are going exactly to plan and in fact we have made technological breakthroughs that have far exceeded expectation.
We have hire around 15 people in the past week on a full or part time basis and are looking for PHP and Blockchain developers and graphic designers especially.

In Crypto We Trust!
Our business is about to grow extremely fast from here and perhaps just like the past 9 months it will not all involve “ups” and several unforseen issues may arise who knows? We will keep going though I promise.
We have a board in our house on the refrigerator that Michael writes on every morning....
“Start again”
So every day we start again and do things better.

Message me to buy Superior coin while we are still releasing it manually during the next few days. Go to and make or edit your profile. We are constantly adding new ways you can promote yourself and get connected there.