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How To Be A Rockstar On Crowdify Club Using Your Profile

Quick update, I love collaborating with this energetic group of people and connecting with Michael and Yoriko Todd the founders of Crowdify Club.

I want to tell you a bit about the purpose of the club and why it has been built to be mutually beneficial to Tech lovers around the world.

Using dynamic technology on the blockchain, Superior Coin is an in house crypto-currency going to be used as a currency within the club.

Superior Coin can also be converted into Bitcoin for private use, Bitcoin is able to be exchanged into any local currency via an exchange.

So using an in house currency you will be able to make payments within the club to buy and sell products and services to one another via the Talents Area.

Another area you may wish to explore is Tasks, where you will find marvelous content to share and will be rewarded when sharing in Crowdify Points.

Influencer marketing and Gamification working with real people as influencers go hand in hand in creating a fun, yet an effective marketing strategy.

Having content available to distribute over Social Media platforms whilst being rewarded. Encouraging you to have sufficient Crowdify points to set up tasks featuring your content going out.

Crowdify Club will give you Maximum exposure via your Profile.

Applying some time and thought before completing all applicable profile details, will give you greater exposure in your region, talents and topics.

A good profile will also assist people finding you with similar subject content encouraging collaboration with one another.

Most platforms are continuously being further developed with improvements, Crowdify Club is much the same with new areas being added, so patience is required when tweaking is happening. Get a bad page, sorry it's not gremlins it's growth.

Paying members will have a Binary Tree, showing everyone who has joined the club as a paying member under your 'Join Link'.

This link can be found in the Profile section to promote to friends, for which you will be reimbursed.  A blog post on the site written by Michael also details exactly how to get paid using Crowdify Club.

On a personal note, I am not crazy about MLM businesses, so I refer to this as an 'Affiliate' link.  Being associated with this dynamic place for entrepreneurs, or startup's going into the online marketplace.

Offering so many different areas to grow your brand, being supportive and positive it truly is a place to invest time and effort to reap the rewards.

Back to you, this really is a brief overview of what can be done on this massive interactive platform and I really look forward to getting to know everyone's dreams and wishes going into the future.

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Author:    Joan Stewart