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Ideas on How to Grow Your Brand Awareness at Lightning Speed

Using this type of campaign is purely to let others know who you are and what you do, it is never used to try to sell or accomplish anything else.

This method is used to build up customer awareness about the brand, targeting customers directly or indirectly through campaigns.

Promoting a website, to announce to the world where to find the brand and what they are offering. A customer needs to understand the full benefits of working with or supporting a company which presents certain challenges to the business.

Adding value to your business, each person looks for something different in their own rights and campaigns allow you to introduce your brand. 

After the campaign has been run, reflect on how people reacted to your branding campaign, slight alterations may be called for.

Branding is not an overnight quick process, so be patient, read the success level results of campaigns, make necessary adjustments and repeat.

The Slideshare gives some great ideas on case studies in Brand Awareness