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My Top 1000 Tweeters - An important list to be on #TOP1000


I created my first "Top 500 Tweeters List" back in December 2011 and it was updated every month or so but stopped updating it now. I replaced it with a new "Top 1000 Tweeters List" in January 2017. To get on the list people had to mention me on Twitter or retweet me. The more they did this the higher they went in the list.

Why is it important to be on the Top 1000 Tweeters List?  

I use the list for my #FollowFriday #FF tweets so you get a weekly mention from me on Twitter. The list shows your position compared to the last time it was updated "(Up xx)", "(Down xx)" or "(No Change)" so people see how they are interacting with me on Twitter.

I am starting to add peoples Crowdify Club profile link to their entry on the list so this is a good way for people to find you on Crowdify as well. I have added some of the main players from Crowdify Club already and will add more for the next update. See example below of the Top 10 on the list:

What should you do next?

If you are not on the list yet let me know and I will have you added to the end for the next update but then it is up to you if you stay on the list and how far you got up. You can retweet my Daily Digests for "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency" and "Environment and Cleantech" which will ensure you rise up the list. Retweet more and the faster and higher you go. You can also tweet peoples position on the list using the "[Tweet This]" link.

Send me an e.mail to if you want to be added to the list.


I want at least the top 50-100 people on the list to also be on Crowdify Club. I did a quick check and of the top 50 and was amazed that only 11 were on Crowdify so just 1 in 5. I will be contacting those without a Crowdify profile and invite them to create one if they haven't already. But the more people from Crowdify interact with me on Twitter the more there will be at the top of the list.